martes, 4 de abril de 2017

6 If we say that we have fellowship with Him , and walk in darkness , we lie and do not practice the truth.

 1 John 1 :6
This verse vividly describes the to walks of life we can live in one being the other being of course the dark. There is no half in light and half in the dark. It is one or the other. The light representing not keeping things hidden behind closed doors. For if we want people to see our lives and see Christ we cannot hide. Therefore we are no longer to live in sin because our lives our open and on display for the world to see Christ through us. To more clearly illustrate this here's an example from my life. For a decent while I struggled with lust but never told the anyone. I would tell anyone that asked that I had fellowship with Him. But in reality I was furious at that lie and the fact I couldn't drop the hidden sin. My relationships I held dear to me where fading fast for many reasons but a huge reason is because I didn't want them to discover who I was and my weakness of women. One day my mom just openly ask if if I struggled in that area and being finally tired of running I broke down and told her the truth as awkward and painful for me it was. But after I felt free of the burden that was latched on to me. I had admitted my sin to God but had no one to keep me accountable. And was lying to myself and said I fine. But living darkness is about the worse thing you can do if you want a relationship with God. Now I want to make one thing clear I still struggle with thinking about women in a sinful manner but when I do I repent to God and admit to those close me I'm struggling.
Application: Refuse to hide in the dark and to admit my sins to those brothers and sisters around me who will keep me accountable.

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