viernes, 7 de abril de 2017

14 Bless those who persecute you; bless and do not curse.

 Romans 12 :14
I read this verse and constantly get challenged. Because I fully understand stand the meaning of this verse. You should be a blessing to those around you with not only your actions but your words as well. I find this especially hard because doing quite favor for someone is one thing but not being bitter behind their back is another. Especially those people that just rip every one to sheds and is honestly one of those people you would never want to hang around again. And you put up with them for as long as you are with them. But once you left their presence you are willing to tell anybody that would listen how horrible they where. But that is not what we are called to do. So I found the only solution is prayer the second you start to feel bitterness start.
Application starting my day in a half an hour in prayer

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