jueves, 2 de marzo de 2017

17 If then you count me as a partner , receive him as  you would me.
 18 But if he has wronged you or owes anything , put that on my account.

   This verse is deep but before we get into the real depths of these two verses we need a little back story. First thing I feel I  should mention is the three characters in play here. The first is Philemon and he is the master of Onesimus. Onesimus is a run away slave who some how meet Paul the apostle. Now Paul is one of the biggest leaders of the first generation of churches.
   A little bit more background that needs to be clarified is how Paul and Onesimus. Well the specifics are not given but one can assume it is while Paul was in prison because of verse 9 but however they meet is kinda boring compared to the relationship between the to men. Something urged Paul to take ones debt and take it upon hImself but, what? The what is love and it is the heart of what I want to talk about. Paul understood the love the Jesus poured out and how He took all of his sins and placed them on Himself. Therefore when Paul discovered a brother in a predicament not so different from his he stepped in to help. He took whatever this man had done and put it on himself just like Jesus did for him. I hope that convicted you as much as it convicted me. Because how often today do we try to place the blame on others or condemn someone who has done wrong. Especially the little things that happen every day the little bits of judgement we send at others all day long. It is not wrong in America but rather it is almost culture to blame, condemn, and judge. But that is not the life Jesus has called us to live. We are to be like Him for that is what a Christian is a "little Christ". Therefore we should be taking what others have done upon ourselves not because of how much we love them but because how much Christ does.

Application: pray for God to reveal any wrongs I am holding against others and take hold of them then give them to Christ as part of my living sacrifice.