lunes, 20 de febrero de 2017

"He who does not love does not know God , for God is love. "
  -1 John 4 :8
     Every time I pass over this verse I feel convinced. Because this verse is so easy to understand. In short it basically says this We are to be like God because He is perfect and since God is love we are to follow in the same way and love others. But a simple observation would be that it is against our nature to love. Because we are not of God but of the flesh. Therefore because We do not naturally practice love we do not know God. However because God sent us His love to us first by sending His one and only Son to be beat and killed on a cross we are now allowed a way to know Him. It is through believing Jesus died and rose again. But what I believe Johns point is if we really believe Jesus did what He did and His the Holy Spirit now resides inside of us something should change. And the root of that change should be a love inside of us overflowing on to everyone we meet. But this love John mentions has to be from God. Therefore it has to be so unconditional so vast so power the only explanation is super natural. Because nobody could ever be that kind, selfless, or gentle with out something else. I would also like to mention real quick that because we still live in our earthly bodies are flesh still wants us to hate and be selfish living without love. Therefore we will mess up some moments and not not love but, does that mean we don't know God? Of course not the love John is talking about is a way of life. But if we step off the path that is not good but since we know Jesus we just confess our mistake and get right back on the path of walking in Love.

Application: The biggest area of love I struggle in is patience. So this today and tomorrow I am going to pray for patience

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