viernes, 25 de noviembre de 2016

Psalms 138:3
In the day when I cried out, You answered me, And made me bold with strength in my soul.

Thanksgiving has been a hard time of the year for me. Simply because in 2011 my dad had heart attack on this day and passed away. Over the years it has slowly gotten easier to get through and less of a burden on my soul. Don’t get me wrong I still love and miss my Dad as much as ever but God has given me the power to overcome the fear and anger from his loss. This year has been especially unique and challenging year with being involved the PFM touring ministry has me away from home and family. God has used this time to grow me not only in Him but also closer to my brothers on the tour team. During this time of challenge. He reminded me that through the last years He has heard me and when I was broken and my soul could not continue. God gave me boldness and strength in my soul. This just inspired me therefore to take courage that even though I am thousands of miles away from home my God will get me through it.

Application I will pray for strength for the next three days.

martes, 15 de noviembre de 2016

5 The mountains quake before Him , The hills melt , And the earth heaves at His presence , Yes , the world and all who dwell in it.

 Nahum 1 :5

How often today do we talk about God as a being or ever wonder whether or not He can do something or even how He could ever work something out but this verse shows us a glimpse of who God really is. He is a God that can melt hills by His very presence. Nothing humans could do or ever will do can make our very presence great enough to quake mountains. Why would I bring this up though? What is my point. It is simply the God of the universe that has has power beyond imagination who can do awe inspiring thing just by showing up and this God has decided to care about me enough to come along side me to be with me in good times and bad. That alone is extremely encouraging to me knowing with His help I now have the power to do anything. At the same time this now changes my prayer life. When I pray I am talking to the one and powerful God and not just a being or something I can't see. But an all powerful God living inside me. So when I pray it is know with a renewed respect of who I get to talk to like a Good Father.

miércoles, 9 de noviembre de 2016

8 Draw near to God and He will draw near to you. Cleanse your hands , you sinners; and purify your hearts , you double-minded.

For the most part Christians want to be closer to God then they are now and this verse makes it simple how to do so. If you want a deeper relationship with God draw near to him. The reason people don't draw closer to God is because in order to do so we have to cleanse our hands and purify our hearts. In order to do that however we have to bring all of our dirt into the light for Him to clean or purify. Our flesh though hates the light and will do whatever is in it power to keep you in the dark. For the light reveals who we really are including the gross dark filthy parts of our lives we would like no one to see and bringing that into the light is humiliating. We are able to put on these fake mask and people buy we are good people and if they knew the truth they would no longer think you were all put together. The beauty is that once we are clean and purified God if faithful to make us one again. This time we are one with Him though and He keeps us together. Does that mean our lives will get a complete over haul. We on the inside yes you will become more loving, peaceful, hopeful and, filled with the Holy Spirit. On the other hand things such as a Job promotion or a new car or maybe a house aren't promised and might not change. This should not discourage you however but encourage you. God has put you in the position you are in for a reason and with His Spirit inside of you the work He wants to do in your life will get done.

So my application for this week is to pray for God to continue to clean my hands and purify my heart in order to do His will for my life.

domingo, 6 de noviembre de 2016

Psalms 8 3-4
  3 When I consider Your heavens , the work of Your fingers The moon and the stars , which You have ordained ,
What is man that You are mindful of him And the son of man that You visit him?
These verses I really found by accident when I just opened up the Psalms at random. But from the beginning it got me thinking how big is God. He is large enough to create something as big and complex as the planets and and stars in the span of one day. It took man kind a year to build the Hoover dam. To me that not only shows how large God is that He could build the universe but the power and might He has to do it in one day. I was seriously struck by this first verse but then I read the second one. Then I had to seriously think of what God could possibly see in man that He would have more thoughts about us than sands on a shore or has a plan for our lives that we may prosper and not plans to harm us. (Jeremiah 29:11) Some say God is watching you which is absolutely true but it is important to realize the God who created the universe is doing so much more than just watching. He is invested in our lives and all He asks in return is for us to follow his perfect plan. Not simply doing what we want to do but doing what the One who know best wants us to do.

My application for this verse is I am going to pray every time I look into stars and tell God great he is and thank Him for caressing about me and ask him to lead me in the plan He has for my life.

jueves, 3 de noviembre de 2016

1 Timothy 4:8
For bodily exercise profits a little , but godliness is profitable for all things , having promise of the life that now is and of that which is to come.

Paul starts off by saying exercise is of little gain to use in the long haul. It only has temporarily effects that will last forever. On the other hand Paul goes on to say that practicing godly things are eternal and since we have the promise of everlasting life it becomes profitable. What does this mean for our lives in a practical way. One way could be being more aware of how what you are doing is effecting spiritually. For example look at the music you are listening to.Is it drawing you towards God or pulling you away from God? Same goes for even good things such as volunteering. If you do charity work becauseyou want to be a better person what gain have you gotten. If you do thesame charity work but with the mindset of showing the love of God your gain is great.
For me it has been giving up things like music and books. What I found out though is that once I got rid of one bad habit my flesh tried picking up a different habits in my case origami. So just as awarning if you get rid of one thing make sure you remember to fill it with something godly.
So my application is for God to show me any thingelse I need to give up in my life and to help me to find things to fillit up with stuff from or of Him.

Philippians 3:8
Yet indeed I also count all things loss for the excellence of the knowledge of Christ Jesus my Lord , for whom I have suffered the loss of all things , and count them as rubbish , that I may gain Christ

In short this verse sums up my testimony. Before Christ I considered my life and most other things rubbish. I really didn't have anything to live for and was a complete mess. But one day during a worship song Iheard him listen to the words and the words of the song I don't quite remember but the message was this. Jesus I give you all I have so that I can be free and live with you forever. This literally broke me I could no longer stand and fell with my hands high giving it all to God. My lifewas now complete I know have something to live for. Although I still count my life and the things of this world as rubbish it is for a different reason. Now in comparison to what Christ means to me nothing in this world has any value. I believe this is what Paul is trying to get at. Nowthat he has Christ being beaten and being hated by old friends means nothing to him because he gets to live with Christ. To see how it applies today's world look at it this way. Anything you value cars, people, a job, anything that will move you if it is taken a way is a sin. It is getting in between the relationship you have with Christ. This has been areally hard realization for me here because family was one of the few thing I have had a hard time letting go. But when I finally did Jesus wasable to take care of them in ways I never could.
So my application isto pray for things I need to let go of in my life.

Romans 6:16
16 Do you not know that to whom you present yourselves slaves to obey , you are that one's slaves whom you obey , whether of sin <i>leading</i> to death , or of obedience <i>leading</i> to righteousness?
     We are slaves one way or another no matter how you put it. We are slaves to one of two things Paul says sin or obedience. What does that mean? It kind of looks a little off at first glance but look at it this way. Sin is in short worshiping yourself. I bought a car for myself or I hope this pic gets over a hundred likes on instaspam. It can be a ton of different things but no matter what it is a chain that forces you to be selfish. The other option we have is obedience to God. This puts usin a bond servant type of slavery or knowing what you do will only cause you strife and disappointment. You instead say I want to live under Your rule O God.
    This seems like one of those duh moments and you are like yeah I get it Noah or else we would not be here at IGNITE. I say though if we all truly got it we would love sinless perfect lives but weinstead don't fully do that and mess up in sin every day. Because we are humans and tend to forget everything over time. So please don't take this as I am trying to preach to you because it is not to most but ratherplease take it as a reminder we are all works in progress and need to pick up are crosses daily and follow him. A real life example of this is when Austin at the end of class and rebukes everyone for their time management skills. This really convicted me an I realised the only thing I could do is in that situation I had to put my time at the foot of the cross and go and pick up a cross and following Him.
This week I am going to wake up and pray for two things first that He will show any sin in my life and second I am going to lay it at the foot of the cross and ask Him to help pick up a cross and follow Him.

Galatians 5:13
In this verse Paul tells us that Christ has given us liberty and to use that freedom in love. But to be given liberty that must meanwe were bond by something which we know as sin. That part is clear enough but what might not realized is that in are bondage to sin we could not love one another freely. Because the flesh in us was only interested in a self gain so if we got nothing out of it we would not love. Even thenicest non-Christian would not do anything loving unless it felt good. On the other hand Christ has given us a new freedom and that freedom is a choice between love and self. A important thing to notice here is thatyou can believe in Christ but still choose self. This is a dangerous place to live because if you do not choose love how can you be saved for it is written "He who does not love does not know God for God is love" 1 John 4:8
  I say this as a warning love and nothing outside of that because as John just said God is Love
This week I pray for God to revealand place in my life I am not loving and could be more loving.

Matthew 8 20
For this verse I would like you to imagine your Jesus. Seeing a vast amount of people surrounding you to get healed. They are starting to close you in so you tell to please give you some space for a little while. They listen and start walking a way and you just start to take it easy for a second when out of nowhere a scribe pops up and is asking to follow you. What are you thinking before he even finishes speaking? Maybe you think "did not just hear me? GOOO!!!!" But Jesus doses no such thing. He instead took time and explained to the man through an analogy.Basically kindly helping the man understand every living thing on this earth needs rest and that it was His time to rest.
    How does this apply to our lives though? Well first don't push things God has on hold for the time being. The man want so badly to follow Jesus that he closed his ears to what Jesus was saying. Second, even if you are exhausted andjust want sleep be patient and understanding with people. Because even the IRS are kind when they are in a good mood but if we have needed a break for a long time but still show the love of God. Just imagine how much that could minister into someone's life. Lastly don't expect a break in ministry one thing after another is just how things go and it is hard.To put it more introspective without the Holy Spirit orchestrating the entire thing it is impossible.
So in a more practical sense of how I am going to apply this to my life every day this week before I get out ofbed I will pray for the Holy Spirit to guide my day.

Revelations 1 9
I can't be a hundred percent sure of what John was trying to say in this verse. When I first read it seemed like an introduction butnow I think it was more of an encouragement. He reminds them he is their brother and companion. In other words even if they are not blood related he is there for them as if they were. Then he says in what they are brothers in. Which is tribulation, the kingdom of God and, waiting for Jesus to come back again. He just wrote all this to say we are in this together and God is with us. John is trying to get at more than just saying their awesome. He is also getting in the Christian walk that we need people in our lives that God fearing and in it for the long haul. Because that is how God designed us. That's the reason He created eve and why He made David and Jonathan such good friends. I believe this is very important but at least in my life has kind of been put on the back burner. Since I have been here it has been a little different and I have got a lot closer than I normally would but even then I still find it really hard to open any part of my life that is at all sensitive.
My applicationfor this week then is to pray for boldness

Colossians 1:11
11 strengthened with all might , according to His glorious power , for all patience and longsuffering with joy;
    What Paul is saying here is first I want you guys to have power. Because with all the persecution going on at the time power was a necessity. Paul also wants to make a point to clarify. That point is the only power that will work is the one God gives you and use according to His glorious power. In my life God's power is a must. During this program I should be wearing down. However I am continuously growing and without God's power it would be impossible. Yet even still I some times forget and try to do things in my strength. When I do slip up I know within the hour. I get beyond exhausted and start only thinking negative thoughts that are not glorifying to God.
   Secondly Paul Gives why it is so important to work for within God's power. Paul says that with it you will have patience, endurance and, joy. Those are three things that can definitely be a struggle in my life. However Paul tell the Colossians it is almost a byproduct of living in God's will and power.
   Application: If you are lacking in patience, endurance, or joy. Sit and abide in the presence of theLord and let his power over come you. So this week I will pray let my will not be done but let your power and will work through me.

2 Corinthians 1 12
Simply put this verse is telling us how we should spread the gospel. The first thing Paul brings up is spreading the gospel with a clear conscience. So to put it another way don't be living a life of sin and still try and teach the gospel. Because if you are telling someone they should pick a cross and follow Jesus like you are. But you have no evidence of any fruits in your life. And your works show the opposite of what God says to do. How is that person doing to view Christianity. NextPaul tell us that we should keep the gospel simply. Meaning to add to it or complicate it. Keep it the way God made it because God's perfect soif he wanted it any different he would have made it that way. After that Paul says when tell the gospel be sincere. So in other words do tell anyone something that you don't believe with your whole heart. Because how is someone suppose to believe a single part of the gospel is there is any doubt behind the words you say. Paul also adds in a warning that youshould not use your flesh's wisdom to teach the gospel. Because all true wisdom starts with the Lord so your flesh's wisdom won't work at best and lead the person/people you are trying father away from Christ at worst. Instead Paul says though teach the gospel by the grace of God. Meaning when you speak do so knowing full well people will only be truly respective to the gospel by God's mercy and grace.

   For my applicationI will for the next week pray and meditate on these things before we doany events that could involve bringing people to Christ.

James 1-5

"5 If any of you lacks wisdom, let him ask God, who gives to all liberally and without reproach, and it will be given to him.6 But let him ask in faith, with no doubting for he who doubts is like a wave of technology sea driven and tossed by he wind."

When you do IBS on verse 5 I think it would be hard if you did not also do IBS on verse 6too. Because I think they are part of the same thought. James starts ofby saying that if you need wisdom (which who doesn't need more wisdom in at least one area) ask the Lord because he gives it freely and withoutreproach. This is a supper important without a doubt but you also have to keep in mind what James said next. He said that if you ask do so withfaith and without doubt because if you don't you should not expect to receive any thing. In fact he even when as far as to say later on the type of people who ask with doubt and expect to receive at double minded and unstable.
My application for this is that we are all in need of wisdom in our lives and that when that need does come ask God and He will give it to you if you ask with faith and not doubt.
How: I will pray for wisdom at least three times today.

John 15:15
     This verse should be a huge encouragement. Going from slave to friends is almost impossible to imagine but going from slaves to being friends with God of everything is a straight up miracle and extremely awe inspiring. What does being a friend of God mean though? From the verse above it we know we are to follow all of his commandments. But also as friends we are now able to have a more in depth relationship with Him. Meaning we are to share everything with Him as we would our best friend. This includes more than just our lives but our possessions as well. After all, if your best friend asked you for anything would you hold it back. To the same end He is willing to share with us what He has and we are one in a relationship. How amazing is that? The God of all the universe who is all powerful is willing to lend help to you and I. If you can’t already tell I am simply awe struck by this. I still can’t exactly explain how I feel about this so let me try and put it another way. Imagine a dishwasher at McDonalds was approached by the president and said “Do you want to be friends?” I would seem very unlikely. So we should appreciate how much God really is to us

So for my application today I will find a worship psalms and pray it to God.
1John 1:5-7
A good verse to think about is John 3:20 The first thing this verse spoke to me is God is only light and without any darkness. This means He doesn’t hide anything because it is impossible to hide anything in the light. The second point I think is kind of an obvious one God doesn’t sin. For sin is darkness and God has no darkness. I feel this has been used so much though it has lost a large amount of its impact. So I am going to try and put it into a practical form. I ever met an honest person who could tell me at the end of only one day they have done the entire thing perfectly without mistakes. God on the other hand has lived an eternity and continues to live a perfect life without even a single mistake. That is just amazing and in a way inconceivable. Lastly John then goes on to say that if we fellowship with God we should then be like Him and not walk in darkness and if we know we are walking in darkness but say we fellowship with God we are a liar. On the other hand, if we truly fellowship with God and walk in the light we are in a fellowship with one another bound together by the blood of Jesus Christ

Application I take am extra hour today to sit and wait for God to speak to me. Random acts of kindness
Luke 2 46
    This part of the Bible gives us a small insight into what Jesus childhood was like. This first thing we see is He is talking with the elders of the church asking them questions. This shows us two things first that even at a young age we should try and gain an understanding of the Bible. At lot of the people I know say things like I figure out the whole Christian thing latter because He will just forgive me anyway right? This is not the example Jesus sets however; He shows us from a young age that we to learn about the scriptures and what a relationship with him is all about.
    The second thing the verse said Jesus listened and asked questions. Notice that listening came before the questions. Before He spoke to them Jesus understood their potion and let them speak first. I believe this was out of respect for the elders. But with that said since they were elders He understood their wisdom was vast and was compelled to as questions.
     Again this gives an example of what ought to do. When we are around someone who knows way more about the Bible then we do we should ask questions. Not just a few questions either but a lot of them. If you look at the verses around verse 46 you will that Jesus was there for at least three days. If you think about it that is a lot of listening and asking questions. We therefore, should follow in suit and when given the opportunity we should be quick to listen and full of questions with the mindset of being better students of Christ.

   So my application is to pray for God to still my tongue and open my ears more and that when I do speak it is with a heart full of questions.
Proverbs 9 9
     What does it mean to be a wise man and how do you know you are one? A wise man is somebody who uses the knowledge that he possesses and acts on it accordingly. While a fool will do whatever makes him feel best at the time. A simple way to tell the difference is when someone receives instruction. This verse tells us a wise man takes the instruction and learns from it. Because a wise man recognizes he does not know everything but hungers to know more. It does not say in this verse exactly what a fool would do with instruction. However, if a wise man receives instruction then a man without wisdom (or a fool) will therefor in comparison not receive instruction. The reason being if one is to take instruction a lot of times this means admitting someone knows more than us and we then have to laying down what we think is best and follow their idea. This however does not make our pride very satisfied and fight against it. A wise man knows however that is the best course of action and to follow it any way. An example in my life is ever since I was little my mom told me to not swim in the oceans because of riptides. I always thought yeah whatever I will be fine I am a decent swimmer. How strong could riptides really be. Well one day in Guatemala we decided to go to the beach. I went into the water and was only up to my knees. I felt the riptides a little bit but thought I would be fine. However a huge wave took my under and I couldn’t get to shore and almost drown. If would had listened to wisdom I would not have been in that situation