domingo, 18 de septiembre de 2016

Mark 10 47-49
A man sitting on the side of the road probably for the majority of his life. Trying to get just enough money to survive hears of a man. This man can heal the sick, raise the dead and, it is even rumored this man claimed the raging seas. This beggar wondered if it could be true but he could not see how could he find out for himself (because he was blind). One day though this beggar heard people talking about this man Jesus was walking by in the crowd. He could not miss this chance so he started screaming over and over “Jesus, Son of David, have mercy on me!” but when the people heard this this they tried to get him to be quiet. My guess is Jesus was preaching and they couldn’t hear when this man was shouting but, did that stop this man? Not even a little bit he actually started shouting even loader. Jesus stopped and commanded this man be brought to Him and in a couple verses down healed him.

Application: This man had nothing, No power, money, influence or even an able body. Yet, he called on Jesus anyways. How many times to we say? “I will be a Christian when I get my life together.” Or maybe we just think we are busted and can’t be fixed. It really doesn’t matter the reason we think we are not good enough. Because just like the blind man Jesus is the Master Handyman of life and can fix you in any situation. To do this though we need to crying out like the beggar to have mercy on us because, we don’t deserve any of it.  If you keep reading on in this chapter you will see after this man gets healed and, he gets up and follows Jesus every single day. That is exactly what we should do every day take up our cross and follow Jesus. So, this week I will pray for mercy and pick up my cross and follow him.
Hebrews 5:8
“though He was a Son, yet He learned obedience by the things which He suffered."
The verse today spoke to me in this this way true obedience involves suffering. From our pride to even our lives true obedience also involves sacrifice. I think this is a lot of times is missed during our walk with the Lord. We tend to only think of what the Lord can do for us heal us save us comfort us and, etc. However, we seem to forget a lot of times that He has called us to be obedient and more often than not what He asks of us is for Him not us. Look at the Holy Spirit for example who has the job of bringing glorify Jesus. How much more so are we responsible to live in the same manor and everything we do to glorify God. A different way to look at it would be like this we have decided to be bondservants in Christ and bondservants only job is the masters will and to lift up our master.

     The other thing I think is important is sometimes to learn true obedience we have to go through trials. I believe this is the reason, if everything in our live is going fine and perfect, we will tend to feel as if we do not need anyone else and this includes the Lord. Sometimes a trail is the best way to keep us on track. Along the same lines if we are able to go through trials with obedience how much more can we speak into others who are struggling with the same thing. Lastly going through trials you do not deserve but do not complain and grumble it is glorifying to the Lord. For 1 Peter 2:20 says “For what credit is it if when you are beaten for your faults, you take it patiently? But when you do good and suffer, if you take it patiently this is commendable before God.” 
Act 5:29
Peter standing in the courts before the high priest, captain of the temple, chief priest and, a group of people were not important enough to be named. The high priest had just asked them “Did we not strictly command you not teach in this name?” Then Peter standing before them opening his mouth and being filled with the spirit said “We ought to obey God rather than men.” How could the priest combat this? Did they not believe that the God of their fathers not greater than men? Did the apostles not do works only a person of God could do? The only response they had was a desire to kill him.
   What does this really mean though? First let’s look at Peter. The Holy spirit transformed his bold tongue from speaking words of the flesh into word of God that were used for the kingdom. God gave this specifically to Peter because it says they were other apostles there but only Peter spoke up and when he did he spit fire. So this means for us that when trials come and we are in difficult situations there is no reason to fear but instead to speak with boldness. Because the Spirit will give us the words at the right time. Second I would like to look at the words he spoke. He told them the order we should obey people. On top is obeying God and then it is others and as for ourselves we are dead so we have no need or right to obey ourselves. So to apply that to our lives if someone ask us to do something and it is within God’s will do it. For example, if someone asks for money and you know they will never return but you prayed about it and God is for it why should we stand in the way?

So, my application for this week is to give freely of those who ask.
Ephesians 6:11
I have had the hardest time with verse. My mom has been quoting as long as I could remember and the meaning seems fairly straightforward obey parents is good and right and not doing so is wrong. I recently have come to think God was trying to say more thorough Paul. After all he is a grown man talking to other grown men in a letter that would take a long time to get there. So why then would Paul feel lead to say that. I think it was more for the parents then the children. Paul was telling the parents that they should teach kids to obey parents. Right along with that when children question the parent’s authority there is something that’s easily pointed to saying this is why.
    This doesn’t really seem to applicable to us after all you are an adult now and maybe you left your house years ago. But Paul didn’t put an age limit to when we have to stop obeying you parents or anything of that sort. So even though we are of an age where we can make decisions for ourselves that does mean I are given the right to ignore what our parents tell us.

    My application for this week is to apologize of all the rebellion I have been living in against my mama.
Ephesians 5:21
  Today, we are part of the of an entitled generation and submitting to for example, maybe you see authority just as a means to control you and believe you can govern yourself. Or maybe you do not see the authority in your life as smart or wise enough and you could do it better. Whatever the reason is for thinking you don’t think you need to submit is however ambiguous because the reason is of no importance if you are not following what the Bible tells us to. “Submit to one another” Ephesians is very clear and leaves no room for different interpretations of what else it could mean. It simply puts it that we should submit as we are in God. So now matter how far or long you are called to something if God does not oppose it do it.

So for my application I am going to submit when it does not go against God’s will and not grumble or say anything else bad about it but just do it.
Romans 15:1
     We are all part of one body of Christ. That means when one of us goes through something we all go through something. I believe Paul is getting at when he tells the strong to take the weak’s burden. For if we are all one body and a finger gets injured our strong hand will try and help the weaken hand as much as possible. It is the same way with the body of Christ. If one of us is weakened by something, it is our job as the rest of the body to try and heal the wound.  We therefore should not try and lift ourselves up by helping other members of the body because that would also hurt the body. It would cause division and segregation of who helps the most and who needs the most help. Paul tells us in the next verse that we should instead try and lift up our neighbor and do good leading to his edification. How will this cause different results? Well if we are all attempting to lift up one another no one will be put down and in turn everyone will be lifted up by one another.

     My application is for today I will give out at least 20 compliments today. 
1 Corinthians 12:14-15
     I think these verses have a lot to say and the first one is don’t discriminate. For example, if somebody is a janitor and you are an usher don’t see yourself as better. After all you are all part of one body and you are all used to make the body run but, God also doesn’t need you to make the body run. Along the same lines don’t look down on yourself because you have been stuck some where you don’t want to be. Maybe it is a dead end job or maybe the job’s fine but the boss makes you want to pull your hair out. Maybe though it has nothing to do with your job but with relationships or a living situation or field assignment. Whatever it is the only thing we can do is pray and trust that God will take care of it. Look at David he lost his job for no reason and his pink slip was spears being thrown at him by a king he still loved to where he wept at his death. Did I also mention during this time in exile he lived in caves or with is enemies. If that is not a reason to feel like a worthless piece of God’s plan, I don’t know is. The end of the story though is David became king and everything turned out just fine. With that said I am not saying that God will make you a king or even rich if you follow him because, that’s probably not true. Instead I would like to encourage you that even though you are going through some trials God is working it out for good. Again look at David’s case. Do you think he would be the king he was if he was king right when Samuel first came to him? I think it is highly unlikely. Because God used that time in David’s life to grow David closer to Him than ever before. So that when he became king he was able to follow through with God’s will and I believe he can and will His perfect plan into our lives as well even though the trials

For my application I will pray that through whatever situation I am put though I will grow in Him more.
1 Corinthians 9:22
This verse threw me for a loop the first couple times around. Then a realization came to me. If you want somebody to accept the message, we have come to them from their level. That means if you are in the getto you should not where a suit and tie (unless you want to get robbed of course) but rather you should wear a hoodie and jeans if you want to have any effective witness for Jesus. This also include people’s feeling. If someone is down in the dumps and you run up to them all cheerful asking if they know Jesus. You probably just blew your witness.

So this week I am going to pray to be more sensitive to others feelings

miércoles, 14 de septiembre de 2016

1 Corinthians 9:22
This verse threw me for a loop the first couple times around. Then a realization came to me. If you want somebody to accept the message, we have come to them from their level. That means if you are in the getto you should not where a suit and tie (unless you want to get robbed of course) but rather you should wear a hoodie and jeans if you want to have any effective witness for Jesus. This also include people’s feeling. If someone is down in the dumps and you run up to them all cheerful asking if they know Jesus. You probably just blew your witness.

So this week I am going to pray to be more sensitive to others feelings
Luke 17: 7-9
These words Jesus spoke probably really confused the apostles. Here is one free man telling other free men how a slave is treated and after they had just asked Jesus to increase their faith. If I was the apostles I would be scratching my head asking what does a slave have to do with anything? I think Jesus was trying to make this point though, if you want more faith become faithful even if you are not thanked and extremely underappreciated. You see slave went and made a good meal for his master even though he has been working in the field all day and is extremely tired. How much more should we do being the bondservants of Christ called to serve the world just as Jesus became a servant to all men. So when you do something do it let it be with the best of your ability because did Christ do any less? Along the same lines do things without being asked. Do you think the master had to tell the servant to watch the sheep every day and how to do it? I highly doubt it a good servant would know the master’s will and do it. But still how does that apply to us? Maybe it is getting up before your supposed to so you can get out of your room on time. Maybe you get your work done before the last minute. Those two things I have at least been guilty of late. It could be something else for you or maybe you don’t struggle in this area I don’t know. I do know however this issue does a lot of times get overlooked and ignore. And being a good slave who gets no credit is not on the top of anyone’s to do list but I believe it should be. Because how much more could we be more efficient for Christ if we already did what He told us to do.

So this week (and preferably in general) I am going to get all my Jesuswork done a day or more before it is due.
Mathew 20:26-27
    In order to give some context for this verse the disciples were in an uproar of who is the greatest. It Started with two of them asking to sit at the right or left hands of Jesus in heaven. In response to their bickering Jesus told them part of the “value system” of heaven. In that system slaves and servant are considered greater than their masters. Jesus then goes on to say look at how I became a servant to all men. Now go and do that. But why do the servants become greater? I believe it is because in comparison to God we have no power and those without power need to serve and those who serve is already doing what God has called us to do. Jesus knew this of course and set the perfect example of what a servant should look like. By doing things like washing the disciple’s feet to dying on the cross for our sins. How can this apply to us in our life today though? After all it would not be appreciated very well to cleaning our friend’s feet randomly and dying for our sins is something only Christ could have done. But what we do have is seeing people every day in need of something and when we go and help them that is being a servant of Christ. Even to go as far as dying for someone else should bother us little because of we are dead to ourselves and alive in Christ. In order to share his love and to glorify him.

Application: I will pray today that my eyes will be opened to see of more way I can serve others. 
John 15:15
     This verse should be a huge encouragement. Going from slave to friends is almost impossible to imagine but going from slaves to being friends with God of everything is a straight up miracle and extremely awe inspiring. What does being a friend of God mean though? From the verse above it we know we are to follow all of his commandments. But also as friends we are now able to have a more in depth relationship with Him. Meaning we are to share everything with Him as we would our best friend. This includes more than just our lives but our possessions as well. After all, if your best friend asked you for anything would you hold it back. To the same end He is willing to share with us what He has and we are one in a relationship. How amazing is that? The God of all the universe who is all powerful is willing to lend help to you and I. If you can’t already tell I am simply awe struck by this. I still can’t exactly explain how I feel about this so let me try and put it another way. Imagine a dishwasher at McDonalds was approached by the president and said “Do you want to be friends?” I would seem very unlikely. So we should appreciate how much God really is to us
So for my application today I will find a worship psalms and pray it to God.