domingo, 7 de agosto de 2016

Psalms 111:10
  When I think of wisdom I see an image of a man in a lab coat and glasses. Who along with looking smart has millions of facts soaring though his mind. That though does not fit into the psalmist definition of what wisdom is however. The psalmist broke down wisdom into three parts. The first step to get true wisdom is to fear the Lord. Because he says that is where all true wisdom begins. The second is clear but hard to live out and, that is living out all of the Lords commandments. This ties in tightly with the first one but is altogether different because on can fear Him but, not follow all his commandments. Look at demons for example, they openly feared Jesus but by don’t live according to God’s Law. Finally praise the Lord forever. This one may seem a little odd but try and think about it this way. If someone does you a huge favor a thank you is at the very least expected if not required. How much more than is it require for us to praise God for the magnificent gift of wisdom. So to wrap it all up wisdom is from the Lord. It is not glasses, facts or anything else of this world for that matter but rather a gift from our Lord God in heaven. So it should be treat as such being cherished and valued.

Application: this week I will pray for wisdom because in James 1:5 “If any of you lacks wisdom, let him ask of God, who gives to all liberally and without reproach, and it will be given to him.”
Mark 10 47-49
A man sitting on the side of the road probably for the majority of his life. Trying to get just enough money to survive hears of a man. This man can heal the sick, raise the dead and, it is even rumored this man claimed the raging seas. This beggar wondered if it could be true but he could not see how could he find out for himself (because he was blind). One day though this beggar heard people talking about this man Jesus was walking by in the crowd. He could not miss this chance so he started screaming over and over “Jesus, Son of David, have mercy on me!” but when the people heard this this they tried to get him to be quiet. My guess is Jesus was preaching and they couldn’t hear when this man was shouting but, did that stop this man? Not even a little bit he actually started shouting even loader. Jesus stopped and commanded this man be brought to Him and in a couple verses down healed him.

Application: This man had nothing, No power, money, influence or even an able body. Yet, he called on Jesus anyways. How many times to we say? “I will be a Christian when I get my life together.” Or maybe we just think we are busted and can’t be fixed. It really doesn’t matter the reason we think we are not good enough. Because just like the blind man Jesus is the Master Handyman of life and can fix you in any situation. To do this though we need to crying out like the beggar to have mercy on us because, we don’t deserve any of it.  If you keep reading on in this chapter you will see after this man gets healed and, he gets up and follows Jesus every single day. That is exactly what we should do every day take up our cross and follow Jesus. So, this week I will pray for mercy and pick up my cross and follow him.
Luke 8 22-25
   Life can be similar to the ocean smooth as glass on minute but rocky and dangerous or as the old saying goes the calm before the storm. This is the predicament the disciples physically. Pushing off the shore with nothing to worry about but soon the waters turned violent and they were close to going under when they shake Jesus and yelled for Him because He was asleep during the storm. Then He gets up and rebukes the storm and everything is again calm. Then Jesus rebukes them for have such little faith. Again this relates to life so well. How many times have I heard it said in my struggles is not there for me or in this case asleep. We then try and do it ourselves almost to the point of dying. Then when we finally turn to Jesus we yell at him for being inattentive. How little faith do we have by doing this? Is God’s will and strength not better than our own? So even if Jesus solve our problem that we pray for He is still God and will work everything out for His Good.

     Application: In a simple way here is the point. Trusting and have faith in God the is not only believing if He does what you think He should but having even if God doesn’t save us from a situation He is still God and will follow Him anyway. 

 Mathew 8 9-10
   What is amazing faith? Is it simply when you trust something? I think that is but only the tip of the iceberg. I think that leaves huge part of faith untouched. To get a better example of what faith I would like to give the story of the roman centurion. Imagine a man with a hundred men under his command. Meaning he might not have had a lot of power but at least had a little. Yet he leaves his men to go and search for Jesus. Why would a man do this though when he easily could have had one of his solders bring Jesus to him? Because his servant was extremely sick and I believe he wanted to make it personal because he really cared about this servant. When he gets to Jesus though he doesn’t demand that Jesus comes running to heal his servant. In fact, he did not even ask Jesus to come to his house. But rather he simply told Jesus that he has soldiers that go when he says “go” and if Jesus would just say the servant was healed that it would be so. Jesus was marveled at this saying there is not faith like this in all of Israel. What does this tell us about faith? Faith is more than a trust. It is a without a doubt conviction someone can and will do something without seeing.
   So this week any time I have a problem I going to have faith that God can do it. Even if I can’t see 

the results of what I am praying for right away
Hebrews 11:6
     But without faith it is impossible to please God. This is what was written to the Hebrews because they believed they since they were from Abraham’s seed.  This though was the wrong idea and in fact their view would have kept them out of heaven. We might think well that doesn’t apply to us today. But how often do we believe we will go to heaven because we believe that Christ died and rose again for our sins but do not take up our cross and follow him. Is this not the same as the Hebrews? I would also like to make a quick distinction between faith and believing. Believing in something is thinking it will happen, but faith is putting action to your belief. Why would I make this distinction? Because I could list hundreds of people who I know believe in Jesus. If I was asked how many people, I know that have faith in Jesus? The list would be generous if I said it was about one tenth of the people in the list of those who believe in Jesus. I don’t say this to sound negative or better than thou. I used to believe for so long never truly realizing what true faith is. However, this is still a problem because even the demons believe but have no place in heaven. What I am trying to get at is we need true faith. How do we get more faith? It not like we can just go down to the supermarket and buy three boxes of it. However, we have a good generous God who gives to those who ask. So ask today for more faith with the whole expect our God will respond.
    Application: I will wake up every day this week and ask for faith.

First IBS (Inductive Bible Study) post!!!
Hebrews 11:1 “Now faith is the substance of things hoped for the evidence of things unseen.”

The fact that my car will start in the morning or the lights turn on when I flick a switch is proof my life runs off faith.  More importantly is that my entire salvation runs on faith. (Because how can someone believe in a God without faith). But I have come to discovered in the past couple month’s my faith is weaker than I previously thought. I realized this when, the other day I felt God telling me to pray for someone on the street but instead of stepping out in faith I made up an excuse of why it wasn’t really God saying anything. That moment stuck in my mind of what God could have done if I had acted. Foolishly I didn’t listen to what God want me to do because I didn’t have enough faith to follow something I could not see. This type of disobedience is not an uncommon occurrence in the American Christian culture today. But what is most disturbing is that Paul writes “But without faith it is impossible to please God.” (Hebrews 11:6) This really hit me hard because how many times have I not used the faith that God has given me. So this I decided if I hear or feel anything from God I’ll do it using the faith he has given me.